Words from Understanding The Times 2018

This past weekend’s Understanding the Times” conference in Tennessee was so rich in the Spirit and in actionable content and sweet Family times, I wanted to share some of the words that the Lord had for us. (If you are wondering, yes, Part 3 of “Preparing for the Tribulation” will be coming by next week!)

First, God had a personal word/confirmation for me. On the road where the conference was located, my attention was drawn like a magnet to 2 rows of trees with a path down the center – immediately I recalled a dream from nearly 5 years ago where I walked down that path of trees and ended up in a gathering of many people, like a conference. Won’t go into more detail at this time but it was very reassuring. 🙂


From Daniel Secomb:
Israel – God’s Sovereign Choice
The family line of Ishmael-Edom-Amalek-Agag-Haman-Herod-Mohammad – they have made the Jews pay a high price for having God’s favor.
Rom. 11:28 – all Israel will be saved on account of the Patriarchs
Jews were called Palestinians until 1948!
Work while it is day = prepare refuge for Jews – the night is coming.

From Tom Doyle:
More Muslims have come to Christ in the past 10 years than past 1,400 years combined.
We got to call Pastor Farid live from Syria:
He asked us to pray for: New Kurdish Christians, Highways around Damascus and all Christians there, protection for his leaders, against kidnapping of children.
Don’t leave it to the government to “deal with the Muslim problem” – give them Jesus
The Church won’t hear from God if we are operating in fear!

From Joel Richardson:
What’s the next event in Bible Prophecy? Daniel 8 is Future. Watch rising Iran and rising Turkey going to war. Then watch Erdogan as “prominent horn”/”first king”.
God so loved the world that He created Israel…
Isaiah 19 – both Striking and Blessing coming to the Middle East

From Eitan Bar:
30,000 Messianic Jews in Israel today (only 300 in 1948)
Examine Ezekiel 36 and 37
More Jews in Israel than in rest of world combined now (Ezek. 36)
If God changes promises to Israel He can change His promise of my salvation! (Paul)
Romans. 10:1 – SALVATION of Israel will bring PEACE (Psalm 122)
Romans 11:15 = Ezek. 37 dry bones life from the dead
Israel is #1 country on earth for being online. (90% have high speed connections)

From Jake McCandless:
42+ million have fallen away already and that’s just in America.
We are not standing firm in our faith with no persecution, how will we stand when it does come?

From Derek Frank:
Israel’s role in God’s Master Plan (see the “Let the Lion Roar” film)
What’s YOUR part in the plan?
Foundations of the Reformation are corrupt!
Anti-Jewish teachings have led to the Wrong view of:
Our relationship of God (personal gospel only – no wide view of Israel’s purpose)
Scripture (only knowing the 2nd half of the movie) – righteousness, love, etc
Importance of the Tribulation – 7 yrs vs 1000 yrs
Whats between us and God – love what God loves
Questions to ponder as we approach the last days:
Is there a great shaking coming to Israel after 70 years? (IE this May)
What will this mean to the Church?
What is the opportunity in our time? Dan. 2:47 – “turn His Mystery to into my story”


I had the great honor of leading a Wings of the Eagle “Radio Round Table” discussion on the 2nd afternoon of the conference featuring Joel Richardson, Jake McCandless, Daniel Secomb and Nelson Walters. We discussed the upcoming “Time of Jacob’s Trouble” at length and the Church’s proper response both today and when it finally comes. I also facilitated a private “Pastor’s coffee” Saturday morning with about 25 participants. It was a very good discussion and there was one Brother who admittedly was speaking out of the flesh when he thought we should take advantage of the Trump presidency to literally ban Islam from the country before things get bad. Thankfully, that line of thinking was soundly rebuked (in love) by several others. Please pray for Pastors and leaders of ministries who are stepping out in faith and walking in the Spirit in regards to Israel, Islam and the End of the Age. They/we need it!




Special thanks to fellow Wings of the Eagle Academy instructor Dana Crosby for the interview she did with me (and most of the other speakers) – that will be forthcoming shortly. 🙂




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