16 Degrees of Repentance


The 16 Dimensions of Repentance found in Joel

I’ve studied and prayed through the book of Joel intensely for more than 15 years. In chapters 1 and 2 of Joel, the Lord issues 16 key instructions that will help His people to authentically and thoroughly (the capacity for our hearts to deceive us is great) yield and repent to the Lord (think Daniel 9).

  1. “Hear and listen to the Word of the Lord.” (Joel 1:2) Keep on listening. Keep on hearing.
  2. “Be awakened.” (Joel 1:5) Let the light of the Holy Spirit illuminate your heart.
  3. “Blow the trumpet.” (Joel 2:1) Declare the need for repentance.
  4. “Gather the elders.” (Joel 1:14) Share and dialogue what the Lord is saying with the leaders.
  5. “Call a sacred assembly.” (Joel 1:14) Gather the people – call everyone to humble themselves unto holiness.
  6. “Sanctify the congregation.” (Joel 2:16) Establish the purpose and intent of your…

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